Landscape #2

Old railway truss bridge in black and whiteVictoria Bridge, a single-track railway truss bridge located in Kuala Kangsar, is one of the oldest railway bridges in Malaysia. Constructed between December 1897 and March 1900 by the Perak Government Railway, the bridge served as a crossing over the Perak River for the local tin mining industry.



  • Watch for the golden hour – as the sun sets, the light grows softer and is not as harsh on your subjects. Colours are more vibrant and contrast is greater.
  • Create perspective with people – including a human element in a landscape photo offers the viewer perspective and helps them relate to the grandeur of the setting.
  • Reflect to expand – water reflections add incredible perspective and dynamics to an image. Aim for calm days when the water will be smooth and look for angles that will reflect as much of the landscape as possible.
  • Switch up your focus – see beyond eye level.

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