Street #1

Passengers on train
Argentum Camera. GW Filter Processed with VSCO with 1 preset

The daily commute. I spend 4 hours every day commuting to and from work (side note: any good samaritans out there who would be willing to pay me to lounge in street cafes in France and Italy, sipping coffee and eating croissants while I perfect my street photography technique?)

This was one of the rare mornings where the train was not full (it’s usually a sardine can during peak hours) and I took the opportunity to make the shot.

Street photography scares me to death (because I’m paranoid about being punched in the face by someone whose photo I had taken without permission) and yet I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. And I’m also aware that if the moth gets too close, it gets burned.  😖



  • The goal of street photography is to capture emotion, humanity, and depict a person’s character.
  • Get close to your subjects.
  • Take your camera everywhere – you rarely get a second chance in street photography, so be prepared.
  • Think outside the box – powerful ideas and emotions can be portrayed through the simplest of scenes.
  • To overcome your fear of street photography, find an interesting spot to sit with your camera. Observing from a comfortable setting will make you feel at ease and can wait for pictures to come to you.

Thank you to Drew Hopper ( for these tips.



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